The Art of Hohokum

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Hopefully you’ve been enjoying and exploring the worlds of Hohokum – if you haven’t, make sure to download the game for free this month on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita with a PS Plus subscription. With colors that pop and rewarding details for the astute observer, the art of Hohokum is as creative as the team behind it.

Each piece of art found in Hohokum, from each and every popnut to the colorful Long Mover, was impeccably created and crafted by Richard Hogg. The Honeyslug team would then put those static pieces into motion, which you can watch in action with this behind-the-scenes look:

For even more Hohokum art, check out the Hohokum Almanac, courtesy of our friends at iam8bit. The Almanac is a cool collection of game art as well as a study guide for current and future Hohokologists!



Experience the world of Hohokum yourself on PS4PS3, and PS Vita systems today.