The More You Hohokum – Kites

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Out of all of the numerous destinations in Hohokum, the Kiteland Isles are one of the most well-known. Kites go through an entire lifecycle on these isles, from seed to growth to harvest to kite. These kites remain airborne until they can fly no more, whereupon they wilt and fall, becoming one with the ground again to produce more seeds.

Have you ever wondered about the different varieties of kite that you may have unfurled and flown on your own travels? Luckily, our resident Hohokologist identified them, from top to bottom:


A) EyePod

B) Straw-nosed Mealkite

C) Bluega Kite

D) Kitebough

E) Hohokite

F) Jellykite

G) Garterkite

Which ones have you plucked and unraveled? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and you can find out more about the Kiteland Isles and their residents with the Hohokum Almanac.

Finally, we have a bonus delight: Discover the missing character and you’ll be rewarded with a Hohokum Dynamic Theme for PS4!



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