Wallpaper of the Week

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This deserves a repeat – “The Long Mover’s tail has been polished and waxed, the Giant Babirusa’s tusks sharpened, and the Popnuts buffed to a high gloss!” – Richard Hogg, Honeyslug

Experience Hohokum now, that’s why you landed on this post after all! You can purchase right here on the PlayStation Store, and Hohokum supports cross buy for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

Hohokum is lighting people up with smiles, and bringing them into our whimsical universe. Enjoy our first wallpaper of the week with the Kiteland Isles, and let your desktop be whisked away to this gorgeous artwork from Hohokum co-creator Richard Hogg.



And while you’re upgrading your desktop with a beautiful piece of Hohokum, consider bringing the Kiteland Isles inside your home with this exclusive wall decal from Blik – unlike anything you have seen before. Your home is ready for Hohokum.

hohokum_fb1   hohokum_fb4