A Texture Atlas Exploration of Hohokum – Part 2

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Wonderful worlds and colorful creatures can be found throughout Hohokum, thanks to the art of Richard Hogg and the fine folks at Honeyslug. Everything you see in the game has been meticulously created, but perhaps what is surprising is the exact amount of detail.

Our Honeyslug friends were kind enough to share a handful of texture atlases for some of the worlds you may have already explored. What exactly is a texture atlas? It’s the best way to store graphics in memory on console, done by packing them into large images. Hohokum has many, many small frames of animation, which are packed into texture atlases 4096 pixels wide by 4096 pixels high.

Each level in Hohokum has between 2 and 5 of these atlases, and there’s a special algorithm which figures out the best way to fit the images into the smallest number of atlases possible. This is why they are sometimes such a seemingly illogical jumble of different images: no human being would pack images like this!

Our second feature comes from Mummer Forest:


To view this texture atlas in its entirety, click here.

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